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H. E. Danby Co. distributes a variety of filters and filtration systems for industrial applications ranging from distillation and evaporation equipment to sanitary housings. H. E. Danby can provide complete filter system assembly and installation services for your specific application.  For information on the right filter or filter system for your application, please review our manufacturer information below.  For additional filter assistance, please give us a call at 1-800-533-6936, or use our online Request Information / Quote form.

Filtertech Industrial Filtration Systems

Filtertech Filters & Systems
Filtertech offers a wide range of filtration products for liquid/solid separation. These products include automatic indexing gravity, vacuum, liquid vacuum, sludge and pressure-type media filters as well as automatic centrifuges, magnetic separators, and
absorption filters. In addition Filtertech also offers waste treatment equipment for the removal of oily wastes and the treatment of spent emulsions.
Industrial Process & Coolant Filters
Centrifuge Filtration
10 to 10,000 gpm Systems
Air, Drum & Liquid Vacuum Filters
Candle Filters
Gravity, Magnetic & Pressure Filters
Sludge Dewatering
Coalescing & Skimming Equipment
Distillation & Evaporation Equipment
The Model SF Filter is designed for sludge dewatering applications.  The extended drying ramp is intended to dry difficult sludges to meet landfill requirements.  For your specfic product information, please contact H. E. Danby for the product that is right for your industrial filtration application. Filtertech Indutrial Sludge Filtration Systems

EATON Filtration Products

EATON Filtration Products (Hayward, Loeffler, GAF, AFFCO)
Easton's Filtration Division is a global leader in products that include pipeline strainers, bag filtration systems, and gas/liquid separators for industrial and commercial customers worldwide.  Pirmary markets include general industrial , petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, power utilities, marine and water.
Liquid Bags & Housings
Liquid Strainers & Housings
Eaton Strainer and Bag Filtration Systems
Eaton's Pipeline Strainers are used by industrial and commercial customers to protect their process piping equipment by removing debris from the liquid that flows throught the pipeline.
Eaton's Bag Filter Housings and Filter Bags are offered in a complete line of single and multi-bag filter housings designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. There are over 1500 choices available.
H. E. Danby can provide the product information to help you make the proper selection.

GE Water & Process Technologies

GE Water Technologies (Osmonics)
GE Water & Process Technologies is a leading global supplier of water treatment, wastewater treatment and process systems solutions. 
GE's membrane treatment systems purify water, handle fluids, concentrate solutions, recover byproducts, and treat wastewater for recycling or discharge.
Hytrex, Purtrex & Selex Elements
Membrane & Pleated Elements 
RO Elements & Systems
GE Membrane Filters
 GE offers membrane elements, spiral membrane equipment, filters, electrodialysis/electrodialysis reversal systems, hollow-fiber membranes, and electrodeionization equipment in numerous configurations.
H. E. Danby distributes a complete line of GE Water Technologies products and can provide the technical assistance required to help you with your selection.

Graver Technologies Products

Graver Technologies
Graver Technologies manufactures filtration products for the advanced separation, clarification and filtration of most process fluids.  Applications include beverages, wine, beer, bottled water, ultrapure water, biologicals, nutraceuticals and high purity chemicals.
Membrane & Pleated Elements
Porous Metal Filter Elements 
Industrial and Sanitary Filter Housings
Graver Technologies Process Filters
Ion Exchange Products
Adsorbent Products
Filtrations Products

Falls Filtration Technologies, Inc. - Airmaze Products

Falls Filtration Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of Airmaze Products
Falls Filtration is a  diversified air and liquid filter product lines serving the industrial, commercial, aircraft, rail, compressed air, power generation, air conditioning and military markets.
Air Intake, Compressor Air Intake
Air Panels & HEPA
Falls Filtration Air Panels
Falls Filtration offers a range of filtration panels from Permanent, Cleanable, High Velocity and Special types, with sizes and materials made to specifications. Standard sizes are available. Oil wetted or dry type furnished. A wide selection of efficiencies, dirt holding capacities and resistances meet varied applications.

Pentek Technologies Products

PENTEK filter housings, systems and cartridges from Pentair Filtration add value to the process, increasing productivity and decreasing downtime.  Applications include water purification, contaminant removal from fluid process streams, fluid re-circulation and collection of suspended solids.
Filters & Housings

Pentek Housings and Filter Products
Heavy-duty units for large-scale commercial/industrial applications
Brushed 304 Stainless Steel construction
Ideal for high temperature applications
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